XCMG has always kept its vanguard role in Chinese construction machinery industry for 25years.
  • 0609

    XCMG Tower Crane Helps Boost Building along Yangtze River Economic Belt

  • 0609

    XCMG Truck-mounted Exhibited Products in the 26th GAIKINDO Auto Show in Indonesia

  • 0509

    XCMG Exports XR400E Rotary Drilling Rigs to Sri Lanka

  • 0409

    XCMG Mining Dumpers Make Contribution to Mine Construction in Inner Mongolia

  • 0309

    3D Printing Makes Contribution to Development of New Energy Export Products by Virtue of Product Customization

  • 0309

    XCMG’s XCT80 is gaining traction on global markets

  • 3008

    A Dark Horse in the Industry: XCMG Heavy-duty Trucks

  • 2708

    XCMG 700-Ton Hydraulic Excavator Changes the Global Landscape of Mining Equipment Industry

  • 2408

    Exported to Australia in Batches, China's Maximum Tonnage Loaders are Advancing into the Top Mining Market in the World

  • 2308

    This “World First Crane” which can Lift 2000 Vehicles and 90 Tanks is Blooming again!

  • 2208

    Break Through International Monopoly! XCMG’s 2-M Super-Large Milling Machine Firstly Lands North America

  • 2108

    New-breakthrough in E-commerce| XCMG Well Drilling Rig Exported to Argentina for the First Time

  • 2008

    XCMG About To Ship Its LW400KV Loaders and XT870 Backhoe Loaders to A West African Country

  • 1708

    XCMG Manufactures New Guardrail Cleaning Truck

  • 1608

    XCMG Made Abundant Results in HDD Promotional Activity in India, A Country Along the Belt & Road

  • 1508

    2018 List of Global Top 10 Crane Manufacturers Comes Out! XCMG Ranks Second!

  • 1408

    XR180DII Working in U.A.E.

  • 1308

    5400-m Altitude, -40℃ temperature | XCMG loader practices “Leading Technology, Everlasting Products” in “Roof of the World”

      • No.1 among Chinese construction machinery industry
      • No.5 among world construction machinery industry
      • No.2 among Top 100 enterprises in Chinese machinery industry